HD Panel USA produces some of the highest quality composite panels that are specifically designed for commercial truck trailer bodies. Only the highest quality raw materials are used during the advanced manufacturing process, producing some of the highest performing composite panels. The panels not only outperform its competitors in strength and durability, but is also light weight. This has the added benefit of reducing the overall weight of the trailer, enhancing fuel economy and reducing carbon emissions. In addition, the lightweight panels and its simplistic design reduces the complexity of the installation process, leading to more efficient use of time and labor.


Innovative products that are high in quality is the key distinction in HD Panel USA’s composite panel manufacturing in the architectural industry. Producing some of the highest quality metal products and building materials, HD Panel USA leads the industry in ensuring the products are lightweight, rigid, and corrosion resistant. Its flawless appearance and the ability for the materials to be flexible also enhances the design aspect. HD Panel USA offers a wide variety of colors and special finishes including lacquer, anodized, and PVD-coating, and continues to research and develop new innovative products.

HD Panel Characteristics

Strength and Durability

Advancement in technology and manufacturing process allows for a unique bonding method that guarantees lifelong, powerful adhesion between aluminum/steel sheets to core material. This process also produces immaculate flatness which not only improves appearance and maintenance, but also supports strength and durability.

Light Weight

The high-quality, industry-leading materials used in fabrication leads to panels that are both rigid and light weight. This enables ease in installation for both new construction as well as renovation projects.

Cost & Labor

Patented forming process of the composite panels manufactured by HD Panel USA increases structural strength of the panels. This allows the panels to be installed with less rivets and support beams, cutting both costs in materials and installation labor while increasing strength and durability of the finished trailer.

Safety & Enhanced Features

Thermal insulation through low temperature generating material and polymeric core creates enhanced safety features as well as noise reduction through sound damping. One key improvement in safety features includes superior fire resistance compared to competitive products.

Easy Maintenance

The surface of the panel is coated with PVDF, an antisoiling property that makes it easy to remove dust, debris, and other contaminants by simple washing using normal synthetic detergent.